A downloadable Clicker for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is an early version of a clicker game I'm developing.

This is my second project using unity.

The graphics could use some work.
...  Lots of work.

I'm working on it- but i'm no graphic designer


A majority of the main mechanics are there:

Collect souls to hire/create helpers to get more souls
Sacrifice Helpers to get dungeon pieces.
Use the dungeon pieces to...
well, i haven't built that part yet.

But If you've ever played Bead Machine It will work somewhat like that.
you'll collect parts to put in a dungeon, souls will pass through, and you can manipulate how many souls you get by adding more parts and using them to your advantage.

Until that part is done, you can save your progress and how many dungeon parts you've collected

Please drop some comments about what you think!
I'm excited to improve and work on this, bugs, ideas, thoughts, criticisms.... anything, you have on your mind- send it my way!

Got a Discord server too:


Known Bugs/Next Build Updates
-If you refresh the Upgrades Page- it will reset completely. (Fixed)
-Big numbers eventually overflow, sometimes creating negatives (Fixed?)
-I can only buy one helper at a time?! bull!(Fixed)
-Dungeon builder isn't finished? That's the main pull, isn't it? Boring. (In progress)
-This page looks boring as hell (will most likely never change)

To do list:
-Finish Dungeon Builder
-Add more upgrades
-Add soul-collecting mini-games (For fun)
-Complete Story
-Spice up flavor text
-Fix Gramatical & spelin erorrs
-Be proud you've made something fun and that people want to play it


DungeonBuilder_PublicBuild V1.3.zip 18 MB

Development log

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